As of December 31st, 2013, the Ink mobile framework is no longer under active development so that Ink can focus on the filepicker product. To learn more about the Ink file picker, visit

Get more out of your day.

Ink connects your favorite apps so you can do more.

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An easier way to work with your apps

Do more with your content

Your PDFs, presentations, docs, music, photos are stored in multiple apps. With Ink you don't have to worry about where your stuff is because you can easily take your content in one app and use it in another app.

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Be more productive

Say goodbye to the countless taps it takes to perform actions on your mobile device. No more starring emails to complete complex tasks later on your PC, no more lugging your laptop around.

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The right app for the right task

Double tap on any Ink enabled app and Ink will automatically suggest the right apps to interact with your content. If you don’t have the right app, Ink guides you to get it from the app store.

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We made some sample iPad apps to show you what Ink can do. These apps are meant to showcase Ink and not to replace your daily apps.

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iOS 6 only

Ink for Developers

Mobile Framework


Ink provides a uniform protocol for apps to receive and transmit information.

App discovery

Get discovered for the right action and stay top of mind.

The power of multiple apps

Make your app more powerful by connecting it to your users favorite apps.

Connect your app using Ink

Web Framework

Upload from the web

Connect your web app to everything from Dropbox to Gmail in just 2 lines of code.

Easy and powerful uploads

We give you a clean, short URL that is easy to store and read from.

We do files

Over 20,000 applications and 1.1 billion files transferred.

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Over 20,000 developers use Ink to make more powerful apps.

SignEasy brings an easy and seamless eSignature capability to a variety of apps which have integrated with the Ink framework. Sunil Patro, CEO, SignEasy
Egnyte enables enterprise users to access and share files regardless of where files are stored. Ink enables us to extend our access of all files in an enterprise to other applications on mobile devices Rajesh Ram, Co-Founder, VP Products & Customer Advocacy, Egnyte
With Ink as the common framework between Podio and other apps, all services can 'talk' to each other frictionlessly, without users having to jump through any hoops to get there. Tommy Ahlers, VP Social Collaboration, Citrix